With our Acceleration & Support package, we support you towards sustainable growth through innovation on the following areas:

Product strategy & development budgeting, Agile product management, Lean startup approach ...

Software architectures and infrastructure, software development lifecycle ...
Human capital strategy (team creation, acceleration and training) & business 'sparring-partner'
Work culture, roles, work tools ...

Our package includes 4 services specially designed to boost your organization’s dynamic:

The leverage service boosts the dynamics of your organization, by assisting you in:
  • Easing new best practices implementation

  • Designing and Developing software/infrastructure architecture

  • Implementing automation practices and tools (CI/CD, Infrastructure
    as Code, Containerization…)

  • Punctual actions with highly qualified and competent consultants,
    for specific topics

We take care of the recruitment of new talents thanks to an attractive approach, based on a high understanding of your needs:
  • Skills matching your specific needs

  • Time saving pre-selection through interviews by our team (IT, Agile,...)

  • Stronger efficiency within a larger research scope

  • Hire a junior/medior, trained and coached to fasten on-boarding

  • Higher talent retention rate thanks to the DevOps culture experience

  • Cheaper than a headhunter

This service helps you define a tailor-made learning path for your team:
  • Get your entire product team (from business to IT) up to speed with DevOps and Agile mindsets by harmonizing the understanding of the objectives & processes.

  • Homogenize the knowledge of the team on DevOps practices & tools
    to speed up product development

  • Benefit from the experience of a consultant/coach

  • Translate knowledge into practices thanks to workshops & hands-on
    contextual exercises

The service dedicated to people, recruitment of talents, their retention and their professional development:
  • An accurate and up to date understanding of your context

  • Our support services, which are equipped to handle various degrees of system complexity and management

  • Anchoring best practices

  • Punctual reinforcement