With Startup as a Service, we support you towards sustainable growth through innovation on the following areas:

Product strategy & development budgeting, Agile product management, Lean startup approach ...

Software architectures and infrastructure, software development lifecycle ...

Human capital strategy (team creation, acceleration and training) & business 'sparring-partner'

Work culture, roles, work tools ...

Our package includes 6 services specially designed to help young organizations & entrepreneurs to become independent:

Workshop Business Design
This workshop allows you to design other alternatives around themes such as:

Product Innovation

Go-to-Market & Market Fit Strategies

Product Vision

Value Proposition

Strategic Planning

Product Development Budget Estimation

Continuous Improvements (CI)

This service provides you with optimal help to develop your product, in 2 phases:

During the initialization phase:

Facilitate the maintenance and evolution of your solutions

Learn the best practices of software development

Get operational by implementing your development environment

Adopt the values, principles and practices of Agile and DevOps During the incubation phase:

Manage the software development lifecycle

Drive automation and industrialization

Strengthen your team

Deliver your MVP faster

The service dedicated to people, recruitment of talents, their retention and their professional development:

Skills in line with your needs

Preselection of profiles

Quick onboarding of trained and coached talents

This service helps you define a tailor-made learning path for your team:

Train the entire product team in DevOps and Agile states of mind

Homogenize the team's knowledge of DevOps practices and tools

Benefit from the experience of a coach

Put your knowledge into practice thanks to workshops

The leverage service boosts the dynamics of your organization, by assisting you in:

The implementation of automation practices and tools (CI / CD, Infrastructure as Code, Containerization, etc.)

The design and development of software/infrastructure architectures

The facilitation of the implementation of best practices

One-off support

Our support service ensures that your product works efficiently thanks to:

A fair and precise understanding of your context

Our support services are equipped to deal with different degrees of system complexity

Anchoring of best practices

Ad hoc development reinforcement

Grandissez agilement. Facilement. Rapidement.